Please read this fully before placing your order.  Spread some joy this holiday season with our secret santa service. Place an order with us for this secret santa package and send a complete stranger a treat this Christmas! In return, another stranger will send you a gift! How does it work?	This is only available in the UK - we're so sorry to our international customers! 	You must order this on it's own and not with any other product from our website. Any order with an additional product will have to be cancelled. If you want to order multiple secret santa gifts, please do this on multiple orders. 	We are offering free UK shipping on this product so be sure to use code: SECRETSANTA to ensure you don't pay postage at the checkout. This code is only for the secret santa product - please don't use it with anything else or it will have to be cancelled - we're trusting you! 	Secret Santa gifts will be available until November 14th and shipped at the end of November. You will receive 1-3 items with a total value exceeding £10. These products will be a mystery! It could be anything from tshirts to totebags to mugs to candles to notebooks to who knows! 	Be sure to answer the questions below so we can help make try to make it something you love! 	All products will be created/made by Magic Moon Club. 	These gifts are not eligible for exchange and are non-refundable.

Secret Santa - Please read before you order!

  • Not eligible for exchange/refund.

  • Our sizing can be generous - please check our SIZE GUIDE to find your perfect fit!

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