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Hey you...

November 6, 2017


Hey! Bonjour! Hola! Gutentag! And all those hello things.


Welcome to the first ever Rock Paper Sisters blog post! We're super excited to be bringing you all the latest from our studio and hopefully let you guys get to know us a little better. A mixtape of our thoughts, you can expect to find a whole host of different topics depending on our mood.


Before we kick off this blog, we wanted to start by giving you 5 reasons we think you should shop with us here at Rock Paper Sisters! Ready?...




A few years ago, I found myself at the end of my maternity leave. Working out the numbers, I would be left with less than half my wage after paying for childcare and the prospect of leaving my lovely, squishy little 9 month old was completely overwhelming. Talking about our ideas night, after night (after night) , my sister and I wrote up a business plan and then we put that plan into action!


Today, we are still mostly a two woman operation! We work around the clock (and the kids!) to bring you amazing products you can't find anywhere else. Every time you shop with us, you're helping to keep our little dream alive and that's why we love you!




As a small business, it's difficult for us to keep our manufacture costs low enough to compete with big high street brands. It's for this reason that we keep our pricing as low as possible all year round! Now don't get me wrong, we will always try to give our subscribers and social media followers exclusive offers for being so awesome, but to show you how much we appreciate you, but we'd rather keep our tees at consistently great prices for everyone.



We are literally the worst at social media - we spend so much time creating new designs & shipping your orders out quicker than the speed of light that our Facebook page is hugely neglected. That doesn't mean we're not there though. We love interacting with our customers on our social media outlets and sharing your awesome photos! We will always get back to you as soon as possible and we literally do a happy dance overtime someone tags us in a photo! We are going to pull up our socks though and make sure we give you all the news,  offers and freebies you deserve!





Not only do we have a great range of clothing to choose from, but we also have tons of opportunity for you to really personalise what you wear. With some items ready for custom information to be added, you can add the personalised touch without having to do any work (and it doesn't cost a penny more!) We also offer a bespoke design service and if you head over to our CONTACT page, you can send us a request to bring your vision to life!




We look for inspiration everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. You will find us taking photos and scribbling on scraps of paper throughout the day whenever an idea comes to us. Drenched in the latest pop culture, we work really hard to bring you guys slogans and designs we think you will love! We always attempt to be unique in our designs and each design can go through several transformations before it makes it's way onto one of our tees. All of our designs are created in our studio so you won't find the same design somewhere else. With new fresh ideas coming every week, we hope they will keep you coming back for more!


Thank you for dropping by!

The tshirt girls xoxox